Thank you for visiting the news page of the official Frazetta Apparel Website. This page will be dedicated to Frazetta apparel news and related topics. This month’s topic will focus on the production of the Frazetta jewelry line. Also, thank you for your patience while we made the site and product line as tight as we could. We appreciate those loyal fans who have checked back to the apparel site... Good news! The full version of the Frazetta Apparel Line is finally here and has been refined and approved by the grand master Frank Frazetta.
Frank Jr., who was generous enough to help us put this project together, snapped a photo of the three of us reviewing the ring designs over a cup of coffee (Excuse me while I pinch myself). Anyone who has requested an apparel newsletter will be getting a special version containi
ng more behind the scene photos and stories not found on the web. The doors are now open for biz. No more waiting! Enjoy.
Dominic & RC. Aradio reviewing the rings with Mr. Frazetta at Frank Jr’s.
" The gift & the ring that started it all in late May 2001. RC. calls me up telling me that his wife Jenni gave him tickets to the Pre-Grand Opening Dinner of the Frazetta Art Gallery for his birthday. Knowing this, he made a special gift for Frank and Ellie Frazetta and wanted to present it to them at the ceremony. I recall RC describing the Icon ring to me over the phone and how excited he was about it. He told me that he wanted to give something back to Mr. Frazetta for all the inspiration that he gave, and continues to give, him and countless fans." Dominic Aradio Jr.
The jewelry that we are offering is produced in the style of the "lost wax art" by some of the industry’s top artisans. This is a very specialized way to produce jewelry. Each ring is hand casted and polished to provide the utmost quality. We would like to share with you this multi-step process in creating the Frazetta jewelry line. We hope this will give you a better understanding, knowledge and appreciation of how much work and attention to detail goes into the production of the Frazetta jewelry line.

First, the master ring needs to be created. For the (original) Icon ring, RC Aradio used sculptor’s wax, which was painstakingly carved over a period of a few weeks. The D.D. Wraith ring and the Egyptian Queen rings were sculpted using a combination of polymer base clays, carving tools and lots of talent. That talent came from a combined two-man team of NYC’s best sculptors: Paul Kamoto, one of the industry’s top resin action figure sculptors, (who was working closely with H.G. Gigger at the time) and Axel, the heavy metal tabooist and prodigy student of Salvador Dali. Once the master rings were complete, they were brought to the Frazetta estate for final approval.
Once approved, the master rings were brought to Eduardo Jaramillo, owner of Lauren Tiffany Casting Inc., located in the heart of the Big Apple, the diamond district. Here Eduardo places each master ring inside a mold form. After the rings are set, he fills each mold with silicone. Once the silicon is cured, Eduardo then delicately (with emphasis on delicately) cuts out the original master ring from each mold. This is a very precise process due to the brittleness of the original ring material [sculptor’s wax or baked polymer clay]. Nine out of ten times the master ring will break into several pieces when it is cut free from the silicone mold. If the mold is damaged and the original ring is in pieces… well then we’re back to square one. When we succeed, we have a mold of each ring, which allows for melted wax to be pumped into them to produce [multiple] wax rings.
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